Brodie & Lyndsay Couple's Shoot

So, one of the perks of being a fellow photographer to InFocus, is when Brodie’s wife asks for a photoshoot, she gets a photoshoot. The second best thing that comes along with that perk, is the ability and willingness to go out-of-town to get some amazing shots! Brodie & Lyndsay scoped out Hopewell Rocks a few weeks prior to this shoot during low tide and the beach looked great, seaweed as green as ever and the cliff-sides looked stunning as always. Fast forward to the shoot a few weeks later during another low-tide and the cold purely froze the receding ocean-front and then topped it off with a soft snow covering. All the same, we got some great shots and it translates in the photos! Take a look at a few of our favourites!

Brock Torunski