Choose Your Look!

We know the frustration of searching through photographer after photographer, trying to find the one with that “perfect look”. Well look no further, because we don’t offer just one, but several different editing styles to fit your wedding day! These photos are the memories you’ll look back on for the rest of your life, so how they look is very important. Don’t just settle with any photographer and “accept their style”, pick your own and create the perfect memories for you! Below are several different looks you can choose from for your wedding day. If you’d like to see an extensive gallery for each look, hit the “See More” button below each gallery and when you’ve chosen a style, fill out the form at the bottom of the page!



A step back in time, this look is for those looking for a more film-like and classic look to their wedding day. Showcasing washed out shadows and touches of film-grain, this is look is a modern take on an old-time look!


For those of you less adventurous and looking for more of a natural look, this is the perfect edit for you! This look takes a more true-to-life approach so you can remember your day exactly how it was!

Warm & Rustic

The perfect edit for the rustic wedding, with a warm touch to tie it all together. With a mixture of natural, caramel and earthy tones, this is the perfect edit for those looking for that classic rustic feel!

Light & Airy

Becoming quite the hit, this look showcases a bright and angelic-like feel, that not only embraces the happy-go-lucky feel of the day, but also gives you that soft and light feeling to all of your photos!


Really pushing that stylistic and blockbuster feel, this look gives you a warm and cool edit, all in one photo. This a more dramatic approach, adding more colour and really making you and your guests “pop” on camera!

Black & White

Mixed in with the other photos, we include some duplicates of coloured photos in black & white. This adds more of an intimate touch and also show more depth from your wedding day!



If you have found the look you love, then let us know what you chose! Fill in the form below, so we’re all set for your wedding day!

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