A Little About Us!


InFocus Photo & Films (formerly Brock Hans Productions) was formed in 2009 by Brock Torunski. Initially offering professional video services, then eventually moving into the photography world soon after. InFocus has award winning works online, offers a variety of services and has photographed/filmed in 3 different continents and still counting!
Now, they specialize in more local affairs, including Weddings, Photoshoots, Corporate Advertisements and more! With a passionate team and creative outlooks, they’ve been very successful providing professional results for people, businesses, and creative’s alike and are excited to continue servicing the Maritimes and beyond!


Brock Torunski

Brock is the owner and founder of InFocus! Starting back in 2009, Brock used his love for videography and later moved into the photography space with growing success and passion. With a decade in the industry, Brock has acquired millions of views online from his award-winning works, a Scholarship Winner to Vancouver Film School and has participated in projects headed by Hollywood Professionals. Now, he enjoys spending time with his family (Wife and kids), traveling the world, and relaxing at home!


Brodie Torunski

Brodie began photography professionally two years ago, while shooting abroad in Europe. When returning home, he quickly jumped aboard as one of our photographers and has produced some amazing images over the last couple of years. When he isn’t shooting the odd wedding or engagement shoot, you’ll find him either spending time with his Wife and puppy, as well as working as a Mechanical Engineer in the Miramichi!